4th Annual Event

Join the on-water action of offshore racing during the 4th Annual Race World Offshore Key West Boat Building Contest and Race. Get ready to build a boat with materials that we provide, just minutes before the building begins! Bring your team of 4-12 participants and get in on the excitement as teams will have 1 hour to build a boat, before safety inspections and race start at 11AM!


  • 9:15am Sharp — MANDATORY Team meetings at Truman Waterfront Park at the RWO tent
  • 9:30am — Building Contest on the waterfront by USCG Ingham
  • 10:30am — Safety Inspections, life jackets and judging
  • 11:00am — 1st of 4 heats starts at the Truman Waterfront Park Boat Ramp


  • $20.00 per team (minimum 4 people)

Build your team… Build your boat…… Sign up now!

See the details and sign up online via the entry form below!

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General Rules & Details
  1. Open to ages 12-75. Under 18 must have legal guardian present
  2. All participants will have to complete a team registration form and submit it to RWO by October 31st. It may be signed in person that morning.
  3. Entrants are groups/teams of 4 people minimum, 12 people maximum.
  4. All materials of construction will be provided, one set per registered team.
  5. 60 minutes time limit to build a ‘boat’ as directed by Referee
  6. Teams may add up to 6 square feet of paper adhesive backed decals/labels, above the expected waterline.
  7. A paddle and USCG approved life jacket will be provided by Race World Offshore.
  8. One registered team member, the designated captain, shall don a properly secured life jacket.
  9. The boat, the captain and up to 4 registered team members shall approach the edge of the water. Caution! The ramp is wet, mossy and slippery.
  10. A clear signal shall be made approximately 1 minute prior to the start of the race.
  11. At the start, the captain and the boat may be ‘launched’ with the assistance of their team; however, no team member may enter the water, not over their knees and further assist their boat unless an immediate rescue is required.
  12. The boat with the captain in it, shall paddle, without the assistance of others or other devices, out into the waterway and around the red/orange marker which shall be placed approximately 50-60 feet away from the starting line and back to the starting line.
  13. The winner of the boat race portion of the competition is determined by the order in which the boat or what is left of it and the captain cross the finish line.
Scoring Objectives
  • 1st scored objective: Build a boat in an hour which can hold one team member with the materials and one paddle provided by RWO. Bring lots of friends and put it on your social media. One USCG approved life jacket will also be provided by RWO or a sponsor. Teams may and are encouraged to bring not more than a total of 6 square feet of paper adhesive backed decals which they can apply to any portion of the boat, above the expected waterline to represent their group, cause or organization.
  • 2nd scored objective: Win the race. The boat they make will have to carry that individual in the water from the boat ramp to and around the RWO race marker in the harbor and back to the starting line. (estimated total of 100’ round trip lap) Every participant who goes in the boat shall wear a USCG approved life jacket.
Scoring Points



Note 1

Note 2


Creative use of the provided materials

Shape, configuration



Did it make it?


Team Members Appearance

Uniforms, tees or creative costume

Colorful, creative


Boat bling, including paper decals

Must be above the waterline

Nothing sharp or damaging to our ecosystem


Prerace media postings

Requires advanced registration on line

Be prepared to show a judge at race finish


Race Coverage, live on Social Media

Requires advanced registration on line

Be prepared to show a judge at race finish


Brought the most number of people to the event

Scored by loud cheering at start of the race

Your team will be announced!


1st place in Race

Cross Finish line with person in/with the boat


2nd place in Race

Cross Finish line with person in/with the boat


3rd place in Race

Cross Finish line with person in/with the boat

Anticipated Awards include ‘Trophies’ awarded on the famous RWO Podium of Champions immediately after the race. Remember, the materials of construction provided are secret until the event begins.

This is a community event and although it is a competition, sportsmanship is highly valued at Race World Offshore. Persons will be disqualified for rude or abusive behavior. Bonus points could be awarded for assisting other teams.

The online sign up form will be provided and monitored by RWO. Sign up below!
There will be a limit of 24 teams running 4 heats of six teams each. This may be adjusted depending on the number of teams.

There is no rain date. We fully intend to run this event even if the weather does not look good. The website will post an update, if needed, the night before. If no update; the race is on!

You can email [email protected] until 9PM daily and expect a return answer that day.

Team Registration

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