Race World Offshore, LLC will require submission of an individual written “Escape (Exit) Strategy Plan” from all race teams utilizing a canopy race boat. This completed and signed escape plan must be provided to the RWO safety team. *If there will be another driver and/or throttleman, a new form must be completed for another race. Both must be named in the escape plan.

The object to the escape plan is to pre-determine what specific procedures or steps the occupants will use in an emergency (fire, sinking, etc.) to safely and rapidly exit the interior cockpit of a race boat. An Escape/Exit Strategy Plan should include the location and type of escape hatch and equipment and very specific actions or steps to be taken or followed by each racer. It shall be used to describe in writing the methods and order of the racers escape plans. The Race World Offshore Rescue / Safety team members will verify the exit plan with the racers, they can escape via a top or bottom hatch. Racers are strongly encouraged/recommended to keep their safety helmets on at all times for safety; especially after releasing their safety belts, so as not to hit their heads in the canopy or while exiting the race boat.

The bottom escape hatch or canopy door should not be opened until both racers are ready to leave the race boat. Prematurely opening the escape or canopy hatch door on an overturned race boat may dramatically reduce the time needed for Race World Offshore Rescue personnel and Angel helicopters to reach the scene of an accident and assist getting you out safely.