APBA National Series Event

RWO Offshore World Championship

November 3rd - 10th, 2024

2024/11/03 12:00:00

Step into the exhilarating world of Race World Offshore, where the ocean becomes a high-speed battleground for cutting-edge boats and fearless competitors. Welcome to Race World Offshore, where every moment is a celebration of nautical prowess and the relentless pursuit of victory on the offshore racing stage.

Daily Schedule

The schedule outlines the series of events within the offshore racing weekend, detailing dates, locations, and races. It serves as a comprehensive guide for participants, teams, and fans, offering a roadmap to follow the action and plan attendance. The schedule is meticulously organized to ensure safety and excitement for everyone our racers, fans, and staff.

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Premium Hospitality

The 2024 hospitality experience is set and excitement builds as we get ready for the season’s next APBA National Series race of the year. Our VIP experience includes viewing from under the tents on the water’s edge. More viewing options are also available. Immerse yourself in all of the parties occurring during the thrilling race weekend. All of this is located in Truman Waterfront Park in Key West, FL.

VIP Options

Engage with drivers, throttlemen, and crews!

Uncover behind-the-scenes insights, as these gatherings offer an exclusive glimpse into the camaraderie and dedication that drive offshore racing to new heights.

Follow the Action

Explore the details of our event maps! Designed to guide you through the adrenaline-fueled twists and turns of offshore boat racing. Additionally, our event maps provide a comprehensive overview, ensuring you navigate seamlessly through the excitement-packed venues, discovering key locations and optimizing your RWO experience. Join us in charting a course for unforgettable moments on the open water!


Watch our live broadcasts, streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and local radio. Witness the action of offshore powerboat racing from the comfort of your screen or car, as our coverage captures every roaring engine, strategic maneuver, and triumphant finish. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of RWO, connecting with a global audience & experiencing the thrill as it unfolds in real-time. Don’t miss the excitement!


Elevate your RWO adventure by staying at our host hotel, strategically located for prime access to the thrilling races, ensuring a comfortable stay moments away from the action. Our host hotel serves as the hub for teams and fans to connect and share the pulse-pounding thrill of offshore powerboat racing. For those seeking alternatives, explore nearby lodging options that meet your preferences.

Teams & Sponsors
Team Registration

Team registration is a vital aspect of the offshore racing weekend, offering a systematic pathway for teams to join. This thorough procedure covers crucial elements like team information, participant details, and compliance with safety regulations. Ensure your participation by closely following the steps of the registration process.

Entry List

Explore the dynamic lineup of participants in the offshore race weekends. The entry list features a diverse array of skilled teams, each bringing their unique skill to the thrilling competition. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, witness the excitement as these powerboating enthusiasts vie for victory. Stay tuned for an adrenaline-fueled experience on the high seas with our impressive roster of competitors.


Discover the backbone of our offshore race weekends through the esteemed sponsors who make it all possible. Our valued sponsors bring unwavering support, contributing to the success of each event. From industry leaders to community champions, their partnership adds a layer of excitement and prestige to the racing experience. Join us in expressing gratitude to these essential contributors for elevating the offshore racing weekends to new heights.


Immerse yourself in the excitement of RWO even when you’re not on the water by exploring our exclusive merchandise! Our high-quality gear lets you showcase your passion for offshore boat racing with pride. Elevate your fan experience and take home a piece of the action with our premium RWO merchandise.


Our events thrive with the dedication of passionate volunteers who play a crucial role in creating a seamless Race World Offshore experience. From event coordination to assisting participants, our volunteers embody the spirit of teamwork, ensuring every race day is a resounding success. Become a RWO volunteer today!


Join the RWO narrative as a media member, gaining exclusive access to thrilling moments and behind-the-scenes stories of offshore boat racing. Capture the excitement for audiences around the world & ignite your passion for storytelling and be at the forefront of RWO’s journey as a valued member of our media team.



For convenient parking, there are available spots near the event, including parking meters and city parking lots.

Children's Entry

We welcome attendees of all ages, including children. Our event is designed to be family-friendly, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Food and beverages, including concessions, will be available for purchase at the event. These items can be obtained from event vendors as well as local restaurants.


RWO merchandise will be available online all year and on-site at select events.

Service Animals

Race World Offshore accepts domestic animals, including service animals. However, it is mandatory to leash them during the events. We recommend verifying and adhering to local and state laws regarding the presence of animals at our events.

First Aid/Medical

An ambulance will be present on-site during boating activities, and experienced medical personnel will be available to handle emergencies. In the event of a medical emergency, please dial 911 if assistance is required.


Race World Offshore strictly prohibits solicitation, sampling, and peddling at any event unless prior authorization has been granted by RWO. If individuals or entities are interested in engaging in any of these activities, they must seek prior approval from RWO.

Zero Tolerance

Race World Offshore signifies an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and fair play. Any violation of safety protocols, event rules, or disruptive behavior will be addressed with immediate and decisive action. This policy ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants, spectators, and staff. It is imperative for everyone involved to be aware of and adhere to the event’s zero-tolerance policy to uphold the integrity of offshore racing competitions.

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