Last Chance to Register for the 7-Mile Offshore Grand Prix in Marathon, FL

Marathon Registration Information

April 26th - 28th, 2024

4-Step Registration Process

Use the links located on the right to complete the registration process.

  1. Fill out the Race Event Registration Form
  2. Complete the member registration form for each riding crew member and those who will be present in the restricted crane area
  3. All canopy boats fill out the escape/exit plan
  4. Add 1 Race Event Payment and the total number of memberships to your cart for one single payment
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APBA Requirements to Race

  1. Renew your current APBA membership or become a new APBA Member
  2. Submit your current medical certificate here
  3. Submit your capsule certificate here
  4. Register your boat with APBA here
Race Event Fees
CLASSESMarathon, Ocean City & ClearwaterLate FeeKey West [3 Races]Key West Late Fee
Class One (USA 1100)
Super Cat$2,300$2,760$5000$6,000
Super Vee$2,300$2,760$5000$6,000
Stock 450
Super Stock$1,300$1,625$3200$4,000
Modified V$1,100$1,375$3000$3,750
UIM Class 3X$400$500$900$1,125
UIM Class 3C$400$500$900$1,125
Bracket Class 1-7$400$500$900$1,125